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About the X/CAdES Plugtest

The event will evaluate XAdES and CAdES interoperability by focusing on all the different (C-X)AdES forms standardized in ETSI TS 101 903 and ETSI TS 101 733, including (C-X)AdES-BES, (C-X)AdES-EPES, (C-X)AdES-T, (C-X)AdES-C, (C-X)AdES-X Type 1, (C-X)AdES-X Type 2, (C-X)AdES-XL and (C-X)AdES-A.

This combined CAdES/XAdES remote interoperability plugtest will be mainly focused at:

  • Conducting interoperability tests for CAdES signatures similarly to what has been done in past events for XAdES. This will be done by defining:
    • Generation and cross-verification interoperability test-cases, which participants implement by generating signatures and verifying signatures generated by the rest of participants. Perform generation and verification interoperability tests on CAdES implementations.
    • Reference-verification interoperability test-cases, which participants implement by generating signatures and verifying signatures generated by the rest of participants.
  • Conducting interoperability test cases on XAdES signatures. They will include a set of specific test cases related to the new version of XAdES.

At this remote plugtest participants will be provided an on-line PKI, providing:

  • Generation of certificates and attribute certificates.
  • Publication of certificates and CRLs in LDAP and Web server.
  • Periodic re-issuance of CRLs.
  • OCSP server for checking certificates status.
  • Time-stamp Authority for getting time-stamps.

ETSI will collect requirements from participants long before the actual start of the event, so that ETSI may tailor them to fit all the participants profiles and needs.

Participants will also be able to generate new test case definitions and signatures, which will be taken into consideration for extending the test cases set according to ETSI’s discretion.

Participants will remotely participate in plugtest without having to travel to ETSI premises. By registering to this event, you will have access to different remote services. They will make remote interaction possible among participants and between participants and the ETSI plugtest team.

The event will be structured in sessions of different types. The final agenda will be published by ETSI in this portal, and it will be defined around the following guidelines:

  • Before the event: Participants requirements recollection.
  • Before the event: Generation of cryptographic material for participants using the portal PKI
  • Before the event: Conduct preparatory remote meeting(s).
  • During the event: a first welcome conference call will be held on 25th October 2010 where ETSI will present the event and its goals and also participants will introduce themselves and their tools.
  • During the event: Regular days will usually have Test Sessions in the morning and the afternoon, where participants will access the ETSI Plugtest portal for:
    • Downloading the new set of reference signatures and other participant’ signatures for locally conducting interoperability tests on their computers, verifying such signatures
    • Uploading reports on these cross-verification interoperability tests
    • Uploading their own signatures locally generated in their computers
    • Accessing guiding material and news on XAdES that will be regularly updated
  • During the event: ETSI will organize remote on-line meetings where participants will be able to discuss the main issues raised while running the interoperability tests, potential recommendations for further standardization of CAdES/XAdES, generation of guiding material, etc. Being this a remote plugtest where participants from any world region may participate, the time table for these meetings will have to be selected depending on the actual participants.
  • During the event: ETSI may also allocate time-slots for remote presentations on specific technical issues related to CAdES/XAdES. ETSI will define a deadline for submission by participants on their proposals and subsequent review.

All participating companies are required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement as a condition of participation.

Should you need any further information, please feel free to contact us at: